Mt. Boucherie Winery celebrates romance with inspired threesome of wine, chocolate and roses

Enter to win a $300 gift certificate to Wine & Dine with Your Special One Okanagan Valley – West Kelowna’s Mt. Boucherie Winery is celebrating romance during the month of February, with an inspired combination of sensory indulgences for visitors. “This is what life is about!” says Mt. Boucherie Winery CEO Craig McCulloch.... more →
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SomaLife Media Centre SomaLife Consulting  For close to 20 years, SomaLife has been a pioneer in age management, longevity and brain health, whose products center on medical science, work at the cellular level. The company’s proprietary formulations were created by Dr. Phillip A read more more →
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Mt. Boucherie Winery Media Centre Celebrating its 15th year, Mt. Boucherie Winery in West Kelowna proudly stands facing its namesake, a former volcano that created unique soil conditions for grape growing. The winery’s heritage stems back to the beginning of the Okanagan wine indus read more more →
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