Monk offers fiscal approach to maintain Kelowna’s international brand

Alan Monk kicked off his campaign for Kelowna City Council in front a group of supporters at the Capital News Centre at Mission Recreation Park, one of Kelowna’s signature recreational sites.

“Kelowna has all the right things naturally given to us; we have Okanagan Lake, Big White, mountain trails, a great climate and a great grape-growing region — and the world knows this,” says Monk. “We’ve built a world-class brand that is critical to our economy. Investments in City amenities, recreation, culture and infrastructure will keep Kelowna at the top of Canada’s most desirable cities.”


Support for parks, arts and public spaces is a key part of Monk’s platform, who himself is an athlete and outdoor enthusiast.

Monk offered a balanced approach for City budgeting.

“I will work steadfastly to find cost efficiencies to make City funds go as far as possible, with a focus on incremental improvements to our city,” says Monk. “Now is not the time for extreme tax policies — up or down.”

Monk says that those standing for a zero tax increase are not standing up for Kelowna.

“Attracting businesses, new residents and tourists is the engine of our prosperity, creating economic benefits for us all,” says Monk.

Monk also outlined initiatives to expand transit and his commitment to ensure City Council remains transparent, open and committed to engage with residents.

Monk has made Kelowna home for more than 20 years where he and his wife Diana have raised their three children. A graduate of Western University, Monk worked in the newspaper business for 35 years.

Kelowna residents go to the polls on Election Day November 15.

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