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Founded in 2017 by illustrator and writer David Allen, Good Natured Books is the place for children’s storybooks about nature and being healthy. David loved to draw and write stories as a child. When his own kids began drawing and making art, he rediscovered his passion and started this indie-publishing house to share his ideas and influence children in a positive way. With links to fun resources and more, A Song for Swinging is Good Natured Books first release.

Kelowna, Okanagan, CANADA

Watch for the launch of A Song for Swinging

An adorable debut storybook from Kelowna author and illustrator David Allen, A Song for Swinging is the perfect read before bedtime or nap time. Children will love the bright artwork and rhyming verse. Parents and caregivers will love the positive messages inside. Complete with fun facts about gibbons and a new song to sing at bedtime.

November 2017. Presales at


Tingle and Tangle are gibbons that try their best at everything. So when a regular day in the trees takes a tumble, they are able to come out on top — while staying happy, healthy and in harmony with others.

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