Vivid Laser Centre enhances laser eye surgery with Contoura Vision


Kelowna – The only one of its kind in the BC Interior, Alcon’s WaveLight® EX500 laser is guiding Vivid Laser Centre’s Dr. Ron Baldassare to map the eye, thanks to the addition of Contoura Vision, the latest advancement in refractive technology.

“We can now offer a more personalized laser procedure for each patient,” says Dr. Baldassare, Kelowna’s top corneal specialist. “The topography-guided LASIK treatment provides the unique ability to ‘map’ the corneal features and imperfections of each eye.”

Topography allows the measurement of many more points of the visual system than wavefront sensors. Topographic measurements can accurately capture abnormalities in the peripheral cornea that affect the quality of vision in dim light.

“We offer patients a treatment that is likely to be equal to or better than the best vision they currently experience with their glasses,” he says. “We can also tell them they will probably see reductions in difficulty driving at night and in the incidence of glare, halos and starbursts.

In FDA clinical trials, 92.6% of eyes treated with topography-guided LASIK treatment achieved 20/20 vision or better. More than sixty percent experienced 20/16 vision or better.

The laser also can account for rotational movement of the eye during surgery. It uses iris registration to do this and monitors the eye position with a 1050 Hz tracker. This leads to better outcomes for patients with astigmatism.


The latest updates to the laser are also designed to reduce the procedure time and maximize patient comfort. 

“Investing in upgrading the technology we have at Vivid Laser Centre ensures our patients have the best possible outcomes,” says Dr. Baldassare.

About Vivid Laser Centre 

Vivid Laser Centre is Kelowna’s premier laser eye surgery centre led by Dr. Ron Baldassare, the only corneal specialist in the interior of BC. Dr. Baldassare has devoted his career to the study and treatment of the cornea starting with some of the earliest LASIK research in 1994. After finishing his medical and ophthalmology training at McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Baldassare received his corneal fellowship training at Emory University in Atlanta, working with Dr. Doyle Stulting, MD, Ph.D., a pioneer in cornea and laser eye surgery.

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