Colin Basran pledges his support for Rutland Centennial Park to remain as parkland and will work towards a Council mandate to preserve the lands for generations to come. The five-acre parcel of parkland transfer to the City of Kelowna follows a Rutland Park Society 71% vote in favour of the agreement.

“The revitalized park will be catalyst for further redevelopment in Rutland Town Centre,” says Basran, who was born and raised in the Rutland area.

“Parks and public spaces encourage our community to be social and active which in turn creates a healthy, dynamic and a vibrant society. I’m looking forward to bringing my family to future Rutland May Days and other events that will take place in the upgraded park and hall.”

Under the land transfer, the city will take over ownership of the park and extend Shepherd Road through to Rutland Road North along the existing driveway into Centennial Park to accommodate future transit services.

The Rutland Park Society will receive $800,000 to upgrade the aging Centennial Hall and will retain ownership of the facility.

Basran welcomes upgrading Rutland Centennial Park to the standard of Stuart Park and Waterfront Park to create a showcase park that would attract both residents and tourists.

“That area is mapped green for parkland on our Official Community Plan— and it will remain that way for many generations to come,” says Basran.


PHOTO: Centennial Hall will remain the heart of Rutland for many years to come says Park Society president Todd Sanderson and City Councillors Colin Basran and Gerry Zimmermann. Zimmermann serves as director of the Uptown Rutland Association.

In the last two years alone, with construction of new transit facilities, community parks, sidewalks/landscaping and improvements to recreation facilities, Rutland has seen $25 million in capital investments.

“This partnership with the City will provide an improved, beautiful park for the citizens of Kelowna in perpetuity,” says Todd Sanderson, Rutland Park Society President. “Further, by providing a source of funding to refurbish the Hall, the agreement will ensure that the Hall remains the center point for community celebrations, events, and gatherings in the heart of Rutland for many years to come.”

Discussions to transfer the parkland began last December, when the Society and the City signed a Memorandum of Understanding.


PHOTO: The Rutland Park Society will receive $800,000 to upgrade the aging Centennial Hall.