Basran has long-standing family roots says former MLA Cliff Serwa

Kelowna, BC – A long-standing Kelowna family, the Serwas, has come forward to announce their support for Colin Basran’s bid to be Kelowna’s next Mayor.

The endorsement for Basran comes from former MLA Cliff Serwa and his wife Lois, who applaud Basran’s record on City Council and his long-standing family roots in the community.

“We need enthusiastic and dynamic leadership to provide jobs and opportunities for our young people,” said Cliff Serwa. “We believe Colin has the ability to build on the positive drive of the past three years. He has the vision to build a greater, better and more beautiful Kelowna.”

 Lois-Cliff-Serwa-vote-Colin-BasranCommunity leadership and political involvement run deep in the Serwa family. Cliff Serwa represented Okanagan South from 1986 to 1991 and Okanagan West from 1991 to 1996 in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia as a Social Credit member. He was co-founder of Big White Ski Resort in the early 1960s.

The Basran family also has a long history In Kelowna, extending more than a century. Over that time, the history of the two multi-generational families has mixed.

“We are pleased to support Colin Basran for Mayor: our best mayors have come from long established Kelowna families,” said Cliff. “Colin’s grandfather was Gindy Basran, a true gentleman, and his word was his bond.”

Basran quickly extended his thanks to the Serwa family. “I am very honoured to receive the support from a family that has done so much for our community,” he said.

“I truly believe our community is a large family who should care for each other, enjoy meaningful connections and work tirelessly together for a better tomorrow. That is the Kelowna I grew up in and the one I want to preserve.”

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